Who we are


Dror Shalitin (PhD)


  • Holds a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology and

    Physiology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Post doctorate at UCLA on plant photoreceptors

  • Senior Investigator at the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Disease, USA

  •  Leading Researcher at Evogene, lead R&D projects with global Seed Companies such as Syngenta, Corteva

Eldad Meshulam


  • BA in Data Management, MBa in Business

    Administration from the IDC Herzliya

  • Served 12 years as an Officer in the IDF Air Force

  • Project Manager in the global Advisory Firm BCG, where he advised leading managements and firms in the Israeli market, amongst big and global agricultural companies

Noam Grimberg (PhD)


Board of members

Prof. Oded Shoseyov

Chairman Hebrew

  • Prof. of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in

    the field of Plant Mol. Biol., Protein Engineering and Nano Biotechnology

  • Published more than 300 Scientific papers and Inventor of 92 patents

  • Won distinguished awards, such as Pollak (2002) and Key (1999, 2010) for innovation and applicable science

  • Founder of 15 companies such as ColPlant and Futuragene

Shmoulik Barash

Partner at Fortissimo
Capital Group

Todd Mockler (PhD)

Scientific advisory board

Scientific Member & Principal Investigator, Donald Danforth Plant Science Centre.

Founder and ex CTO of Benson Hill.
Geraldine J. and Robert L. Virgil Distinguished Investigator Award

Prof. Maurice Moloney

Scientific advisory board

  • Plant molecular biology scientist.

  • Advisor to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • One of the first responsible for the transgenic Canola, as a group leader in Calgene Inc.

  • Senior executive leader as CEO / Exec. in 3 strategic research organizations, inc. CSIRO and GIFS

  • Over 300 patents


PlantArcBio is a public Ag-Bio company [TASE: PLNT], with an innovative and IP protected Direct-In-Plant (DIP™) discovery platform; with our platform, we discover & develop novel genes that has positive effects on plants, such as yield improvement, drought resistance and herbicide & insects tolerance. We license our genes to large seeds and crop protection companies. Among our strategic collaborators are ICL, KWS, Rallis, Gadot Agro,  Seach Medical Group, Rallis and more.

Our DIP™ platform allows scanning of millions of genes, at once and at scale, directly on plants, so it makes gene discovery more effective and efficient than ever before. Leveraging our platform, we can now address any gene-pool from any source and test millions of genes directly in planta, to select best performing plants for any given trait. For example, We collected soil samples from the desert to identify best genes for drought resistant for plants

Following the gene discovery stage, we leverage the genes found to create positive effects on plants using Genetic Modification, Gene Editing and RNAi technologies, for seeds improvement and for external applications (RNAi sprays) for yield increase and crop protection.

We filed patents on our discovery platform and on all discoveries.